Wednesday, 21 October 2009

welcome and hello

I stumbled upon fashion blogs by pure accident. I was in serious need of some style inspiration, and in a final act of desperation I decided to Google. It was then that I discovered Fabulous 101, The Sartorialist and In The Olsen's Closet.

I was amazed, since I'd always secretly wished for some kind of site where you could hit a button and see someone wearing something that inspired you to put something similar together. On reflection, this could either be the death of style or a wonderful new invention that made everyone better dressed.

Personal style is something I have been obsessed with since the age of six. My Dad (who actually seems to be the parent I inherited my shopping craze from) took me to Selfridges and introduced me to Paul Smith's Kids range. I bought a killer wraparound courdroy skirt with planets all over it and a long sleeved t shirt with a picture of the first space launch screen printed on the chest - I'm guessing Paul Smith had a whole theme going on here - and I was hooked. They were my first designer threads aside from Osh Kosh B'gosh and have I ever looked back? Nope. Selfridges remains my mecca and from the stationary to the electric guitars section I love to spend time in there.

Blogging, on the other hand, is something that I am less familiar with. But, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start one. Luckily there seems to be less of a need for HTML which is something that terrifies me, and the template layouts are not covered with skulls or pink and black love hearts unlike MySpace or Mibba and for this I am grateful.

So.... In this 'blog', what do I intend to, well, 'Blog' about? I guess I'll just post pictures and product shots of clothes I love, clothes I have, outfits I like, celebrities I admire... I'm dreaming of starting a school style blog since I go to an all girls private school... some of the girls are clueless but some of them have the most beautiful things and dress amazingly! But I'm sure my over protective school boards will veto this... so maybe I'll make it student run.
Hmm. Food for thought. Anyway.

Live It Breath It Wear It is my motto

Lucey xxx